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In light of the challenges that affect the planet and society, reinforced the importance of collective action. Driven by the purpose to take part in creating a sustainable world, we support organizations with reliable insight to advance responsible business practices that create economic, environmental, and social benefits for everyone.

As an independent expert in the sustainability area, we would like to see through the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) best practices, for every one of our clients, this includes facilitating the practices, knowledge, and tools so they can transition towards a more sustainable way of doing business.

We expect our sustainability advisory to enable organizations to take action and make better decisions to achieve opportunities and advance responsible business practices, so they can increase their values and positively impact the environment and people.

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  • Accordance Assessment; Accordance assessment demonstrates an overview of the extent to which the standards, frameworks, and other criteria have been implemented in the organization’s Sustainability Report. The assessment is carried out in line with the disclosure requirement of the guidance that the organization adheres to when developing the report.
  • ESG Disclosures Assurance; Showcase accountable disclosures of ESG information, application of reporting principles, and compliance or consistency with reporting standards, frameworks, and other ESG criteria. Having an evaluation of ESG disclosure could provide a reliable report and gain the trust of your stakeholders. ISAE 3000 and AA1000 Assurance standards are the standards that we adhere to conduct an assurance engagement or evaluate the ESG disclosures. Assurance is carried out by assessing the fulfillment of ESG disclosures/reports related to: Disclosure requirement of the reporting standards, framework, or guidance that you adhere to when developing the report. Reporting principles. Data validity.
  • ESG Appraisal; Provide an objective valuation of the organization’s ESG management and an overview of the organization’s ESG maturity level. Through an audit, as the appraisal approach, will allow organizations to quickly and easily evaluate the ESG practices and the effectiveness of organizations managing the identified ESG issues. It benefits organizations that wish to delve deeper into understanding their ESG maturity level and identify areas where there is an opportunity for improvement. Decar will provide a statement letter, recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity that speaks the language to your stakeholders.
  • GHG Verification; Decar provides independent verification of GHG emissions for organizations across any industry in accordance with a variety of accepted standards, including ISO 14064-3
  • Social Responsibility Assessment; Social responsibility assessment measures your organization’s performance on 7 core subjects on social responsibility referring to the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility. Assessment report will be followed by recommendations and advisory from our expert, to improve the maturity level of your performance in adopting the social responsibility principles and clearly demonstrate your initiative towards responsible business practice. Decar will provide a statement letter, recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity that speaks the language to your stakeholders.


  • ESG Disclosures Valuation; Gain more benefits than just reporting. ESG disclosures are communication media that provides transparency on how an organization manages and addresses its significant impacts on the economy, environment, and people. Providing information in accordance with stakeholder expectations and reliable presentation capable of providing the right perception of the organization’s value to stakeholders. Especially for organizations that expect to get a better score from ESG raters/rankers. Our experts will analyze your ESG disclosure/report referring to the suitable leading reporting standards/frameworks/rankers and carry through research on reports presented by peers so that we can provide a complete picture of how your position compares to standards and peers, as well as recommendations for what you can do more for a better report in the future.
  • SDGs Correlation Matrix; Showcase your support or contribution to Sustainable Development Goals, with the appropriate and proper statement. Recently, companies and institutional investors are being asked to contribute to the SDGs through their business activities, asset allocation, and investment decision. Consequently, investors are contriving to increase their portfolio’s impacts on the world. Businesses are encouraged to report clearly about their contributions to the SDGs in an investor-relevant manner for maximum impact. Decar will act as an independent party to conduct due diligence on the organization’s strategies, products, services, initiatives, and performance to provide clear information on how the business relates to SDGs. The report will be complete with recommendations that provide opportunities for organizations to escalate the impacts.
  • Social Impact Assessment; Provide a snapshot of social changes. A Social Impact Assessment is a process of research, planning, and the management of social change or consequences (positive and negative, intended and unintended) arising from policies, plans, developments, and projects. SIA must look not only at social issues but also at the environmental impacts and their interactions. Our experts will conduct research and analysis to provide you with clear information on how your project/business impacted on people. Our recommendation will complete the report to give you opportunities to mitigate negative impacts and escalate positive impacts.
  • Social Return on Investment; 


  • ESG Disclosure; Communicate how your organization integrates ESG into business practices in accordance with your organization’s sustainability context, relevant standards or frameworks, and most importantly, your audience. Our experts support organizations to disclose ESG information that meets leading reporting standards/frameworks, such as GRI, CDP, SASB, TCFD, UNDDP SDGs, and others. We also help companies in responding to CDP questionnaires from data collection to final disclosure submission to ensure your company’s successful CDP reporting.

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